Using ToolWiz photography app.

I felt I needed something with a bit of professional substance on my mobiles phone to give me more control over the photos I took with it. There are dozens of photography apps online but ToolWiz Photo Editor Pro, a free app, fitted the bill perfectly with ready-made filters and FX as well as tools that allow for more manual manipulation. All editing takes place on the phone and I found it quite intuitive and easy to navigate. I’ve yet to explore all its features but my early experimenting is posted below and I’m happy with the results I’m getting.


(Above) Simple blending effect. Same bookcase from two angles. Blending features similar to photoshop. The app allows you to preview all changes before choosing a filter or effect. When you save it, you don’t lose the original.


Above. Dozens of filters to enhance pics including the ability to control the opacity. This ordinary Coffee pic is given a lot more interest with only a couple of filters/fx.


Above: Created a meme from photo on my phone. Different options available for adding text.


Above: Enhancement. This photo shot indoors in poor light came up pretty well. All the murkiness gone.


Above: Went silly with the special effects but easy to create abstract weirdness.


Above: This too was a really poor photo. The original was dark and you couldn’t see most of the seats in the stand.

Still playing. Will post pics to Flickr, Instagram, Twitter.

Toolwiz Photos Editor PRO can be found at

or at the App Store for Apple.


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